Balança Digital Black Mirror Scale Timemore - Single Sensor

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TBased on Black Mirror’s design style

Elegant cube is like a piece of jade
Minimal design with aesthetic

Fully functional assistant

Convenient timing
Easily control the coffee brewing
For both espresso and pour over

Sleek, easy to use and reliable; the new scale from Timemore doesn't have Bluetooth but it sure does the job right and looking good doing it! 


  • Hidden LED display; comes to life when you press on
  • Minimum weight 0.1g, maximum weight 2kg
  • USB Chargeable
  • Timer
  • Battery display
  • Matt surface helps to keeps clean from fingerprints and stains
  • 5 minute auto turn off
  • Silicon pad to ensure nothing skids off the surface
  • The surface is waterproof but the charging port is not!

To Use

  • Short press to switch on / tare weight
  • Long press to switch off
  • To use the timer, short press to start / pausing timing.
  • Long press to tare the time
  • Poke the hole on the back with a pin should you need to reset your scale

Dimension : 15 x 13 x 2.6mm

The product has a 1 warranty unless there are signs of the scale being opened.

The box includes:
- Timemore Black Mirror Single Sensor Scale
- USB-C cable
- Silicon heat pad

 ***Sadly our stock of some products ran out quickly, but we are already restoring everything until Friday.  Guarantee yours now and receive it next week.