☕️ Latte Art Workshop

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Want to learn how to create amazing Latte Art? Sign up for our Workshop.

Where? When?

At Torra Roasting & Coffee (3 hours of class).

What You Will Learn? You will master:

1. The Importance of a good foundation;
2. Pitchers and their sizes, importance of reducing waste of milk;
3. Steam milk to perfection;
4. Consistent milk temperature;
5. No bubbles, smooth glossy microfoam;
6. Consistent amounts of foam.

☕️ Patterns to be Trained:

- The heart;
- The tulip.

The price is 150 + IVA, promotional price 120€ + IVA

📍 Our address is:

Torra Roasting & Coffee
Travessa do Conde da Ponte, 1 
1300-141, Alcântara, Lisboa