PORTAFILTER STAND - Apoio para Porta Filtro

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Product information "Portafilter Stand"


This versatile stainless steel portafilter stand offers various practical uses in a coffee or barista context.

As a solid tamping station it supports and steadies the portafilter and allows a perfectly horizontal position for precise tamping.
For this the sloping panel at the front can be curved to adjust to exactly the required height for the size and shape of the portafilter handle, simply by using manual pressure.

The portafilter stand, with the portafilter inserted, can also be placed on a suitable scale to precisely weigh the amount of ground coffee dispensed from the grinder. Please check that the weight capacity of the scale is sufficient for this operation! (In our product range the digital scale xwt would be suitable, but not our model xwa!)

The slot in the base plate allows easy fixture of the device to a work surface or counter top with screws or bolts.

Material: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: width: 6cm – 2.3"   length: 13.5cm – 5.3"  height: 5cm – 2"
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