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Produced in glazed ceramic, each Koar is a unique, handmade piece. The process of transforming clay into ceramics is very old and used in many countries. 

After the clay is placed in a plaster mold that gives the Koar its shape, it is left to dry naturally. Each piece is then put into the kiln for an initial firing at 1200°, where the "cookie" is obtained, the stage at which the piece acquires rigidity and strength as all its elements fuse together.

The glazed appearance is achieved after another firing, where the piece receives a vitreous layer on which the artistic interventions are made. The colors obtained will depend on the metal oxides used in the paintings and the technique will influence the final finish, which can be enamel, maiolica or craquelure, always inspired by nature.


Weight: 364 g

Dimensions: 15 × 14 × 15 cm